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Franziska Nast explores the question of which images should surround us after the end of life. For this she chooses the medium of tattooing - during a lifetime these motifs and inscriptions on one’s own skin are regarded as images for eternity, nevertheless they disappear with cremation. In Franziska Nast's final form, important symbols can be made visible one last time. Franziska Nast cooperates with the inclusive Factory of the Union Sozialer Einrichtungen gGmbH in Berlin-Kreuzberg, to produce her final form. Here the blanks are made of cardboard and encased in cork in the paper workshop. Franziska Nast primes the two-piece corpus with environmentally friendly white emulsion paint before tattooing it.

Franziska Nast draws, enlarges, collages, puts up posters, works graphically as well as typographically. In her work, personal experiences become gigantic posters, room installations, or even a tattooed drawing.
Since 2006 she has been working on the culture and practice of tattooing.
For several years she has worked with and learned from Herbert Hoffmann, the founder of Germany's oldest tattoo studio. She rarely works on "real" skin, but rather transforms the process and tattoos on walls, boards or columns.

Franziska Nast lives in Hamburg. She studied Fine Arts and Communication Design at the University of Art Braunschweig. Various activities, located between art and design, have since then characterized her artistic path. She is not only the founder of the magazine QUICK and has initiated the Kunstverein St. Pauli. In addition to her artistic work, she works as a freelance book designer and lecturer. She has already been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships for her work.


Material: gray paperboard, cardboard, cork, emulsion paint, tattoo ink
Dimensions: 25cm high, ø 19.5cm
Weight: 650g
Degradability: within 20 years

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